Bridges & Boardwalks - Grieg Fences and Gates

Rodger Greig
Ph: 021 108 6811
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We can custom design and build small bridges suited to lifestyle blocks where access over creeks or otherwise difficult to get-at areas is required.

Our suspension bridge principle is a favorite which not only serves a practical purpose, but is also a very novel and attractive landscaping feature. Other designs can be discussed.

Boardwalk pathways can also be designed to work in conjunction with our bridge options to further make inaccessible areas obtainable.

Our bridges & boardwalks, as with all our products, are made robustly and there are no shortcuts taken where quality materials or workmanship are concerned.

Please ensure that you are familiar with the Terms & Conditions before ordering any of our services.

Some photos are included below.

Greig bridges-1.JPG
Greig bridges-2.JPG
Greig bridges-3.JPG
Greig bridges-4.JPG
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