Decking & Steps - Grieg Fences and Gates

Rodger Greig
Ph: 021 108 6811
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We are able to build a variety of decking configurations tailored to suit the customer’s individual situations and requirements.

All decking timbers are of a premium grade treated pine and with all ground-contact structure being of an H4 or H5 grade treatment.

Our steps designs can also be an integral part of the decking design, or we can also utilize step systems as stand-alone structures on hillsides or other difficult access areas.

A number of decking & step photos are featured below as indications of what we can provide.

Please ensure that you are familiar with the Terms & Conditions before ordering any of our services.

Greig decking & steps-1.JPG
Greig decking & steps-2.JPG
Greig decking & steps-3.jpg
Greig decking & steps-4.JPG
Greig decking & steps-5.jpg
Greig decking & steps-7.JPG
Greig decking & steps-8.JPG
Greig decking & steps-9.JPG
Greig decking & steps-10.jpg
Greig decking & steps-11.JPG
Greig decking & steps-6.JPG
Greig decking & steps-12.JPG
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