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Rodger Greig
Ph: 021 108 6811
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Q: What is your area of service?
We service from Foxton and south to Raumati

Q: Do you provide a no-obligation free quote?
A: Yes, we do provide a no-obligation free quote

Q: If or when I accept your quote, how long will it be before you can start my job?
A: It will depend on how busy we are at the time. Some smaller, more urgent jobs may be slotted in sooner, but generally there will be a wait of approximately 4-6 weeks. Please ensure that you are familiar with the Terms & Conditions before ordering any of our services.

Q: Do you manufacture or install metal gates and fences?
A: We do not manufacture any type of metal gates or fencing, with the exception of the installation of the basic corrugated iron type of fence on wooden framing. i do install metal farm gates

Rodger - Greig Fences & Gates
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